Executive Summary

Trading of digital financial assets, including FOREX and crypto currencies require precise information on the early formation of trends, and information to exit a position before a reversal. According to Dow's theory, a trend once formed tends to persist.

Bluekey has developed an algorithmic trading solution, which can provide early entry and exit of positions in forex and crypto currency markets; to exploit these trends once spotted. Pragmatically, a simulation of the strategy on the GBP/JPY, within a stipulated period provides very impressive results. Using BBTS, subscribers can leverage on opportunities in the forex and crypto currency markets


The 3 E's Of Bluekey


BKY massive local adoption in Bluekey Apps.


Fast track transactions in the local market


Massive awareness in local community.


Why Choose BKY Coin

We believe in a new world, BKY is to be used exclusively for subscriptions and payments within the entire Bluekey Ecosystem, and optionally by third party vendors.

Secured User Data

Bluekey will provide Direct Market Making (DMM) on exchanges for BKY to minimize price volatility.

Most Credibility

Bluekey to provide liquidity to enable seamless BKY-fiat conversion by users.

Big Data Insights

Bluekey is an emerging fintech startup with potential global brand!

Big Data Insights

Holding BKY is your key to your fintech future in Nigeria/Africa and beyond.

Bluekey BKY Use Cases

BKY to be used generally for payment of transaction fees across the entire Bluekey Ecosystem, including loans to be backed-up 1:1 with BKY crypto-asset.

  • Bluekey will provide lending and borrowing services for subscribers.
  • As collateral for lending within Bluekey.
  • As payments for BBTS Signal subscriptions.
  • For payments via Bluekey Merchant channels.
  • for payments of membership fees by Affiliate/Marketers.

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 25th June 2019 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends 25th September 2019 12:00 GMT
Total Token Supply 100000000000.00000000
Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) Price $0.000100
Hard Cap $400,000
Soft Cap $200,000
Token Value 1 ETH = 1,000 BKY
Accepted ETH, BTC

Token Sale Stage End In

Raised so far $0
Soft Cap $200,000
Hard Cap $400,000
Register & Buy Token Now Minimum Purchase: 200 BKY
50% Bonus
End at 30 Nov, 2018
25% Bonus
Start at 01 Dec, 2018

BLUEKEY P2P(Peer-to-Peer) Hub

Bluekey P2P Lending

Loans to be backed-up 1:1 with BKY crypto asset.

  • Bluekey will provide lending and borrowing services for subscribers.
  • Bluekey Subscribers to provide BKY as collateral for each loan processed.
  • Lending transactions to be coordinated using Bluekey smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain.

Bluekey (P2P) Payment System

Bluekey P2P payment system will enable users to trade BKY to fiat directly with one another. The transactions will be coordinated via smart contract escrow service. For instance, any user wishing to exchange BKY to Naira will post their trades on the P2P platform, and vice versa

BLUEKEY POS (Point-of-Sale) App

One major challenge to the adoptions of crypto currencies for mass payments is the price volatility of these crypto-assets. Bluekey will utilize its massive network of traders and subscribers from the Market Hub and P2P Hub to enable liquidity and 24 hours real-time exchange of cryptoto-fiats, thereby protecting the vendors from price volatility.

An appropriate affiliate marketing model shall be adopted to provide discounts for people who do shopping with BKY coins and BLUEKEY POS Apps.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

Q1 2019
  • Proof of Concept
  • Implementation and Simulation of the Bluekey Breakout Trading System (BBTS)
  • Deployment of Bluekey Smart Contract on Ethereum
Q2 2019
  • Release of the Beta Version of MarketHub for Internal Use
  • Airdrop to Bluekey Community.
  • Setup mini Bluekey MarketHub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Q3 2019
  • Listing of BKY on Exchanges for IEO/Trading
  • Release of Bluekey Wallet.
Q4 2019

Release of Bluekey POS Dapp

Q1 2020
  • Release of the Main Bluekey MarketHub for Forex and Crypto-currencies Trading
  • Setup Main Bluekey MarketHub, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Q2 2020
  • Setup Bluekey MarketHub, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Research & Development of Bluekey Crypto Payment Solutions
Q3 2020
  • Setup Bluekey MarketHub in other selected cities in Nigeria/Africa
Q4 2020
  • Commercial deployment of Bluekey Crypto Payment Solutions forAfrica

Release of Bluekey Lending Platform

Meet the Team

Kenneth Karigia
Chief Operations Officer
Jaja Janet E.
Chief Marketing Officer
Princess Igbara
Public Relations Officer
Dennis Bale
Project Manager


Below are the FAQs ON Bluekey. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is Bluekey?

Bluekey is a novel algorithmic trading solution and crypto-financial ecosystem.

Bluekey provides innovative forex and crypto-market solutions and BKY mass adoption with BBTS –Bluekey Breakout Trading System.

Yes! You can reach us via phone, sms, email or telegram.

Does Bluekey have a token?

Yes. Bluekey coin is known as BKY.

Yes. BKY airdrop commences 15th to 30th June 2019.Yes. BKY airdrop commences 15th to 30th June 2019.

Simply sign up on www.bluekeymarket.io. Join our telegram, twitter and facebook channels.

Will there be a token sale?

BKY token sale will be conducted here at www.bluekeymarket.io, while the IEO will be at www.bitfxt.com.

Soft Cap ---------- 200,000 USD

Hard Cap ---------- 400,000 USD

Yes! You get 100 BKY token for each person referred to buy BKY


1 BKY = 0.0001 USD

10,000,000,000 BKY